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Fear the Walking Dead’ season 3 finale recap

The Clark clan is really falling to pieces. The two-hour season finale of “Fear the Walking Dead” ended with a literal explosion. The survivors we’ve been following for three seasons scattered like so much flotsam and jetsam. “Fear” has always been trying to emerge from the shadow of its elder sibling ‘The Walking Dead’ and find its own audience and story. The finale is really two one-hour episodes back to back: “Things Bad Begun” (written by Jami O’Brien, directed by Andrew Bernstein) and “Sleigh Ride” (written by Dave Erickson and Mark Richard, directed by Andrew Bernstein). While it almost certainly will never do that in terms of ratings, I think it may finally have done that in terms of story. Resetting the story along the Mexican border for season three, and portraying a collapsing but still nominally operating society, has been a trick that worked. The past few episodes have been probably the best of all the three seasons. The central complaint of “Fear” was that it got to the …

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